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Skilled Attorney in Fort Worth Helping Those Accused of Drug Crimes

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A drug crimes attorney gives the accused the chance to have charges reduced or dropped. We can help you understand the depth of any accusation, but as a quick guide, refer to the following list:
Drug possession
  • Conviction occurs if the government proves that you held an illegal drug under your care.
  • Minimum charges include fines of up to $10,000 and confinement in jail for up to two years.
Drug possession with intent to distribute
  • This charge can be proven if numerous individual packages are found or if a list of buyers is uncovered.
  • At a minimum, fines can reach $250,000, and charges can include imprisonment for up to three years.
Drug smuggling
  • Smuggling involves bringing controlled substances across state or federal lines.
  • Federal fines for transporting illegal substances are up to $250,000 and can include up to 20 years of jail time.

Drug trafficking
  • The movement of a controlled substance into the state for distribution is known as drug trafficking.
  • Penalties vary based on the amount of the substance. For example, a kilogram or more of heroin can result in large fines and the possibility of incarceration.
If your medical clinic or pharmaceutical business is being federally investigated, you likely need a DEA attorney. I may be able to help you keep your license to practice despite an impending audit.

Helping You Deal With Immigration and Customs Enforcement Issues

If you have been arrested or charged with an offense and now face removal/deportation as a result, contact the Law Office of J. Warren St. John.

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