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Experienced Lawyer Representing DWI Cases in Fort Worth

Getting a DUI in the Lone Star State is nothing to take lightly. If it’s your first offense, you could be looking at up to $2,000 in fines, a driver’s license suspension of up to a year and as much as six months of jail time. If you were driving with a child passenger or have been convicted in the past, the penalties are even more severe. Hiring a DWI attorney may be your only hope of avoiding a DWI conviction or some of the consequences of one. The Law Office of J. Warren St. John have more than 28 years of experience with these types of cases and have helped numerous Fort Worth clients to build a strong legal defense.

The Texas Driver’s License Revocation Hearing

Time is of the essence when it comes to being charged with driving while intoxicated. Following your arrest date, you will have 15 days to schedule a Texas driver’s license revocation hearing in order to stay licensed. Failure to schedule the hearing in time can cause you to automatically lose your license. This hearing is also a very important element of your defense, as it gives your lawyer the opportunity to present evidence in your favor and question the officer who arrested you. This part of the process also allows eyewitnesses from either side to be used for or against you, and your DWI attorney will use the occasion to defend you against conviction, long jail sentences and financial penalties, as far as the law allows.

Welcoming Clients From Arlington and Southlake as Well

Drunk driving is taken very seriously in Texas, but my law firm is ready to help you protect your rights.
I am based in Fort Worth but additionally serve clients from Weatherford, Arlington, Waxahachie, Southlake and Dallas. Give me a call for a free initial consultation at 817-336-1436. I also provide legal services for white collar crimes.