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Experienced Federal Criminal Investigation Attorney in Fort Worth

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When you receive a knock on the door from a federal agent, it’s time to get a federal criminal investigation attorney on your side. The Law Office of J. Warren St. John, has decades of experience in handling civil and criminal cases tried by federal agencies. This is not an area you should navigate alone. The stress and pressure from government agencies make it far too easy to collapse or make a mistake that can be used against you in court. Your best defense is to hire a federal investigation lawyer to do everything within the bounds of the law to free or reduce charges against you or your company.

Representing You When Dealing With Government Agencies

A government investigation can take many forms. Here are a few that our offices handle:
  • FBI - Part of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation handles cases of illegal activity. These can include accusations of money laundering, health care fraud, organized crime and identity theft.
  • ATF - Similar to the FBI, this agency is also part of the DOJ. It investigates crimes related to firearms, explosives, arson, bombings and diversion of tobacco and alcohol products.
  • SEC - The Securities and Exchange Commission can litigate against suspected violations of investment policy regulations.
  • Secret Service - The U.S. Secret Service investigates cases of frauds such as counterfeit currency and illegal credit card use.
  • Postal Inspection Service - This agency handles the investigation and prosecution of wrongdoing for cases where the U.S. Postal Service was used as a vehicle to carry out a crime.

Supporting Defendants in the Arlington and Southlake Areas

I am  based in Fort Worth, but I also work with clients in Arlington, Weatherford, Waxahachie, Southlake and Dallas. Give me a call for a free initial consultation at 817-336-1436.