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Facing a criminal DWI charge can cause you great anxiety. It is even more intimidating if it is not the first time. No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your case, there is one thing you can do to help your case. You can enroll yourself in a treatment program. 

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation guidelines are gauged by the potential seriousness of the problem. Before you do anything, hire an attorney to guide you through this process. However, no matter whether it is your first offense or a subsequent charge, completing treatment will help. Here is why you should enroll in a treatment program to help your DWI defense. 


The courts have the right to order drug and alcohol evaluations in all DWI cases. Unless there are some strange mitigating circumstances surrounding your case, you will need to complete an evaluation. You should hire a criminal attorney who specializes in DWI cases before doing anything, though. They will guide you through this important first step. 


Your attorney will explain how a drug and alcohol evaluation works. Getting their advice prior to taking any tests or evaluations cannot be stressed enough. A good attorney will reassure you that the system is not out to get you. People are trying to help, so you need to be honest. 

Therefore, for any evaluation to be helpful, you must be openly willing to accept the results. Once you have a professional drug and alcohol evaluation completed, sit down and discuss the results with your attorney. 


Even when an evaluation is inconclusive, enrolling in some type of treatment program is recommended. If you experienced a momentary lapse in good judgment, a treatment program will help you guard against ever repeating such an egregious error. 

When there is a problem with drugs and alcohol, treatment will help you face the problem with an open mind. By accepting ownership of a problem, it could ultimately prevent you from repeating a mistake and could possibly save your life. 

Treatment will expose you to the risks of drug and alcohol abuse. Most importantly, it will impress upon you how leaving a problem untreated could be devastating. Treatment will expose any possible problems. 


By getting yourself into a treatment program on your own, you show the judge you are taking responsibility. By submitting to a mild inconvenience in your life, you present yourself to the court as a mature person. You show an honest acceptance of the event, taking accountability for your part. The courts will look favorably on individuals who display this kind of maturity. 


The criminal justice system looks favorably upon individuals who accept responsibility. Taking an initiative to uncover a potential problem can help your attorney negotiate a reduced sentence. In some cases, the charge might even be dismissed. There are minimum sentencing guidelines in every state. 

To make sure you do not have unrealistic expectations, discuss how treatment could affect your sentencing with your attorney. No matter what the individual circumstances of your case are, successfully completing treatment could help to lessen the severity of your consequences. 

Rest assured, the consequences of subsequent DWI charges will dramatically intensify. Therefore, it is critical that you put forth the effort to leave no stone unturned when dealing with potential drug and alcohol issues. 

Treatment is the way to do that. Discuss with a criminal defense attorney who specializes in DWI cases the steps required to get into a treatment program. It will help your DWI case and ultimately could save your life.